A particle swarm optimization (PSO) package for Lua

$ luarocks install abelhas

Abelhas (aka Lua PSO) is a Lua library for particle swarm optimization
(PSO), a population-based optimization algorithm inspired by the social
behavior of some species, like fishes and birds, and used for solving a
multitude of numeric problems with linear and discrete search spaces. The
first particle swarm optimization algorithm was invented by Dr. James
Kennedy and Russell Eberhart, in 1995, and since then several versions
and variants have been created. Abelhas is one of them.

For people familiarized with particle swarms, Abelhas is a particle swarm
optimizer that uses global neighborhood, speed limits and particle
replacement. It does not have the concept of inertia.


1.1-110 years ago10,193 downloads
1.0-110 years ago12,111 downloads


lua >= 5.1