Lua binding to the iconv

$ luarocks install lua-iconv

Lua bindings to the POSIX 'iconv' library, which converts a sequence of characters from one codeset into a sequence of corresponding characters in another codeset.


7.1.0-1260 days ago2,378 downloads
7.0.0-4273 days ago374 downloads
7-3286 days ago38,341 downloads
7.0.0-2282 days ago27 downloads
7-2286 days ago41 downloads
7-1283 days ago(revision: 2)14,445 downloads
6-1286 days ago103 downloads
r5-2286 days ago72 downloads
r5-1286 days ago63 downloads
r3-1286 days ago59 downloads
dev-1dev260 days ago(revision: 3)0 downloads


lua >= 5.1

Dependency for

lluv-gsmmodem, lua-resty-ntlm, tethys, yoke-mail