Lua->C FFI

$ luarocks install alien

Alien lets a Lua application call load dynamic libraries and call C functions. Alien is based on libffi. On a GNU/Linux system you should be able to install it with your package manager; it is probably called something like `libffi-dev` (Debian, Ubuntu etc.) or `libffi-devel` (Fedora, CentOS etc.). If your system's package manager does not have libffi, or you don't have a package manager, you can get the source code from


0.7.1-23 years ago3,049 downloads
0.7.0-15 years ago1,632 downloads
0.6.1-15 years ago81 downloads
0.5.1-15 years ago138 downloads
0.5.0-15 years ago147 downloads
0.4.1-15 years ago111 downloads


lua >= 5.1

Dependency for

fbclient, zee, zee, zile