MoonPlus is a compiler for Moonscript written in C++.

$ luarocks install moonplus

MoonPlus is a compiler with features from Moonscript language 0.5.0 and implementing new features to make Moonscript more up to date.

Used as a Lua module

require("moonp")("main") -- require ``

local moonp = require("moonp")
f = -> print "hello world"
implicit_return_root = true,
reserve_line_number = false,
lint_global = false

Used as a command line tool

> moonp -h
Usage: moonp [options|files|directories] ...

-h Print this message
-e str Execute a file or raw codes
-t path Specify where to place compiled files
-o file Write output to file
-s Use spaces in generated codes instead of tabs
-m Generate minified codes
-p Write output to standard out
-b Dump compile time (doesn't write output)
-l Write line numbers from source codes
-v Print version
-- Read from standard in, print to standard out
(Must be first and only argument)

Execute without options to enter REPL, type symbol '$'
in a single line to start/stop multi-line mode


dev-1dev1 year ago7 downloads
0.4.22-1288 days ago55 downloads
0.4.21-1288 days ago6 downloads
0.4.19-11 year ago36 downloads
0.4.16-11 year ago14 downloads
0.4.6-11 year ago53 downloads
0.4.2-11 year ago36 downloads
0.4.0-11 year ago12 downloads
0.3.8-11 year ago20 downloads
0.3.7-11 year ago8 downloads
0.3.5-11 year ago6 downloads
0.3.2-11 year ago23 downloads
0.2.0-11 year ago44 downloads
0.1.2-11 year ago13 downloads
0.1-11 year ago7 downloads


lua >= 5.1