Yuescript is a Moonscript dialect.

$ luarocks install yuescript

Yuescript is a Moonscript dialect. It is derived from Moonscript language 0.5.0 and continuously adopting new features to be more up to date.


dev-1dev284 days ago12 downloads
0.9.0-18 days ago7 downloads
0.8.5-125 days ago16 downloads
0.8.3-162 days ago36 downloads
0.8.2-196 days ago45 downloads
0.8.1-1101 days ago6 downloads
0.8.0-1102 days ago1 download
0.7.14-1199 days ago139 downloads
0.7.8-1221 days ago33 downloads
0.7.3-1263 days ago35 downloads
0.7.2-1264 days ago23 downloads
0.7.0-1269 days ago2 downloads
0.6.9-1278 days ago13 downloads


lua >= 5.1