Discover, Monitor, and Secure your APIs at object/data level using this Kong Plugin as a MicroSensor.

$ luarocks install ab-microsensor

ArecaBay enables enterprises to Discover, Monitor, Secure APIs at object/data level.

ArecaBay’s Kong plugin installed in the Kong cluster is one type of ArecaBay MicroSensors that are light-weight software components built to access real-time API call level data without any modification to the applications or their runtime. They enable ArecaBay’s Dynamic API Risk Trackers (DART) and API DLP: a set of API level trackers and Data Leakage Prevention.

DART provides an API data security posture dashboard for DevSecOps to continuously discover and monitor APIs across all clouds with zero-impact to apps. DART’s anomaly detection enables API DLP to take policy action against highly targeted data fields and transactions. Please visit this link (https://docs.konghq.com/hub/arecabay/ab-microsensor/) for more details.

In addition to API Security, for developers and/or DevOps, ArecaBay’s Kong plugin can be used to monitor and log application API calls with selective object level data.


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lua ~> 5.1