A font design testing class for SILE

$ luarocks install fontproof

FontProof enables you to produce PDF font test documents without
fiddling with InDesign or other manual page layout or word
processing programs. You can apply one of the predesigned test
documents (to be added later) or use FontProof to build your own
custom font test document.


2.0.6-17 days ago39 downloads
2.0.5-120 days ago36 downloads
2.0.4-148 days ago11 downloads
2.0.3-153 days ago7 downloads
2.0.2-156 days ago10 downloads
2.0.1-159 days ago7 downloads
2.0.0-161 days ago9 downloads
dev-1dev54 days ago(revision: 3)75 downloads


lua >= 5.1
lua_cliargs == 3.0-2