A Lua module to encode DNS queries and decode DNS answers.

$ luarocks install org.conman.dns

A simple interface to encode and decode DNS queries. This supports
most of the commonly used DNS records and is meant to be a low level
API upon which a generalized DNS query system can be built.


2.0.8-143 days ago0 downloads
2.0.7-146 days ago0 downloads
2.0.6-1283 days ago6 downloads
2.0.5-1348 days ago6 downloads
2.0.4-1348 days ago4 downloads
2.0.3-1348 days ago4 downloads
2.0.2-11 year ago7 downloads
2.0.1-11 year ago6 downloads
2.0.0-11 year ago6 downloads
1.0.19-12 years ago16 downloads
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1.0.14-14 years ago31 downloads
1.0.13-15 years ago43 downloads
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1.0.11-15 years ago17 downloads


lua >= 5.1, <= 5.4