A Lua module to generate UUIDs

$ luarocks install org.conman.uuid

org.conman.uuid provides functionality to generate UUIDs based on RFC-4122. It supports MAC/timed based UUIDs (v1), name-based UUIDs (v3/MD5,v5/SHA-1), random UUIDs (v4), timed based (v6, v7) and custom (v8).


1.3.0-139 days ago3 downloads
1.2.18-12 years ago49 downloads
1.2.16-12 years ago(revision: 3)28 downloads
1.2.15-12 years ago32 downloads
1.2.14-13 years ago44 downloads
1.2.13-13 years ago35 downloads
1.2.12-13 years ago29 downloads
1.2.11-16 years ago188 downloads
1.2.10-16 years ago30 downloads
1.2.9-16 years ago42 downloads
1.2.8-16 years ago541 downloads
1.2.7-16 years ago31 downloads
1.2.5-28 years ago391 downloads
1.2.5-18 years ago143 downloads
1.2.4-28 years ago43 downloads
1.2.4-18 years ago45 downloads
1.2.2-19 years ago74 downloads
1.2.1-19 years ago13 downloads


lua >= 5.1, <= 5.4