Lua interface to the Public Suffix List rules

$ luarocks install public_suffix_list

Simple Lua interface to the Public Suffix List rules, intended to be used as a building block for implementing the PSL domain parsing algorithm. Automatically synced with public_suffix_list.dat and re-released every month.


1.0.201909-111 days ago3 downloads
1.0.201908-142 days ago4 downloads
1.0.201907-173 days ago1 download
1.0.201906-1103 days ago0 downloads
1.0.201905-1134 days ago0 downloads
1.0.201904-1164 days ago2 downloads
1.0.201903-1195 days ago6 downloads
1.0.201902-1223 days ago6 downloads
1.0.201901-1252 days ago6 downloads
1.0.201812-1285 days ago6 downloads
1.0.201811-1315 days ago1 download
1.0.201810-1336 days ago1 download
1.0.201809-11 year ago0 downloads
1.0.201808-11 year ago7 downloads
1.0.201807-11 year ago1 download


lua >= 5.1