Oop for Lua

$ luarocks install oop

Lua Library for object-oriented programming.
Created with a Goal: to provide a simple and clear tool for convenient
development of readable object-oriented code based on classes and objects.
Without having to repeat pieces of code and think about the specific features
of OOP implementation in Lua.
All classes inherit the base class Object.
Separate syntax for creating an instances, classes, interfaces, and
method signatures for define interfaces and abstract classes.
Single inheritance, but with a "defualt methods" in interfaces.
The intuitive syntax for class definition with "extends" and "implements"
Automatically checks whether a class actually implements all declared interfaces
Automatically called constructors on creating the instance of class
with simple and clear overriding in inherited classes, provided the self.super
to call constructor of superclass. And support for chaining calls to superclass
constructors via self.super()


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lua >= 5.1