Header transfer for kong

$ luarocks install header-transfer

A simple plugin for kong.

Remove specific request's header and transfer it to your request body.


1. luarocks install header-transfer
2. Edit your kong.yml configuration file, add a item below your custom_plugins. You may need unquote it first.

- header-transfer

3. Add the header-transfer plugin to your api.

curl -X POST http://nyan.ameho.me:8001/apis/<your api id>/plugins --data "name=header-transfer" --data "config.head_to_body=a_header:some_value, another_header:some_value"

4. The header your specificed in your configuration would be transfer to your request body accounding to your request method.

HTTP GET would be your queryString, HTTP POST would be x-form-url-encoded.


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