Top Lua modules this week

Top downloaded versions in the past 7 days.

125,165lua-cjson 2.1.0-1 by OpenResty
221,828LuaSQL-MySQL 2.3.5-1 by tomasguisasola
39,261LuaFileSystem 1.7.0-2 by hisham
49,172LuaSocket 3.0rc1-2 by LuaSocket
58,617lua-geoip 0.1.2-1 by agladysh
67,132LuaCrypto 0.3.2-2 by starius
76,886lua-cjson by OpenResty
86,121lua-resty-http 0.13-0 by pintsized
95,861dkjson 2.5-2 by dhkolf
105,070penlight 1.5.4-1 by steved
114,558lua-term 0.7-1 by hoelzro
124,522inspect 3.1.1-0 by kikito
134,194luasystem 0.2.1-0 by olim
144,173lua_cliargs 3.0-1 by amireh
153,904say 1.3-1 by olivine-labs
163,895LPeg 1.0.2-1 by gvvaughan
173,865mediator_lua 1.1.2-0 by olivine-labs
183,650luassert 1.7.11-0 by olivine-labs
193,644luaossl 20190612-0 by daurnimator
203,371nginx-lua-prometheus 0.20181120-2 by knyar

Top downloaded versions in the past 7 days excluding any that were in last week's top.

13,327luajwt 1.3-4 by x25
23,256lbase64 20120807-3 by ignacio
32,590LuaExpat 1.3.3-1 by tomasguisasola
42,501argparse 0.6.0-1 by mpeterv
52,454LuaSec 0.8-1 by brunoos
62,245luacheck 0.23.0-1 by mpeterv
72,098busted 2.0.rc13-0 by olivine-labs
82,094lua-resty-jwt 0.2.0-0 by cdbattags
92,084luaxpath 1.2-4 by basiliscos
101,959luautf8 0.1.1-1 by Xavier Wang
111,922lua-resty-jit-uuid 0.0.7-2 by thibaultcha
121,832busted 2.0.rc12-1 by olivine-labs
131,792LPeg 1.0.1-1 by gvvaughan
141,774Coxpcall 1.17.0-1 by hisham
151,734bit32 5.3.0-1 by siffiejoe
161,705LuaCov 0.13.0-1 by mpeterv
171,673ansicolors 1.0.2-3 by kikito
181,666luacheck 0.21.2-1 by mpeterv
191,659pgmoon 1.10.0-1 by leafo
201,642lua-resty-iputils 0.3.0-1 by hamish