Top Lua modules this week

Top downloaded versions in the past 7 days.

124,873lua-cjson 2.1.0-1 by OpenResty
223,715LuaSQL-MySQL 2.3.5-1 by tomasguisasola
315,759lua-ffi-zlib 0.5-0 by hamish
415,699lua-resty-mlcache 2.4.1-1 by thibaultcha
515,042luaipc c7b814e-0 by djfdyuruiry
614,115LuaFileSystem 1.8.0-1 by hisham
712,798lua-geoip 0.1.2-1 by agladysh
810,676dkjson 2.5-2 by dhkolf
99,922lua-resty-http 0.15-0 by pintsized
109,657argparse 0.7.1-1 by argparse
118,959lua-term 0.7-1 by hoelzro
128,777say 1.3-1 by olivine-labs
138,742luassert 1.8.0-0 by olivine-labs
148,534mediator_lua 1.1.2-0 by olivine-labs
158,515luasystem 0.2.1-0 by olim
168,178LPeg 1.0.2-1 by gvvaughan
177,975luacheck 0.24.0-2 by luarocks
187,282lua_cliargs 3.0-2 by amireh
197,213busted 2.0.0-1 by olivine-labs
206,934LuaSocket 3.0rc1-2 by LuaSocket

Top downloaded versions in the past 7 days excluding any that were in last week's top.

115,759lua-ffi-zlib 0.5-0 by hamish
215,699lua-resty-mlcache 2.4.1-1 by thibaultcha
315,042luaipc c7b814e-0 by djfdyuruiry
48,515luasystem 0.2.1-0 by olim
57,282lua_cliargs 3.0-2 by amireh
67,213busted 2.0.0-1 by olivine-labs
76,252inspect 3.1.1-0 by kikito
85,181lua-resty-jit-uuid 0.0.7-2 by thibaultcha
95,147lua-resty-cookie 0.1.0-1 by calio
104,460penlight 1.9.2-1 by Tieske
113,970lua-resty-jwt 0.2.0-0 by cdbattags
123,895net-url 0.9-1 by golgote
133,871lua-resty-jwt 0.2.2-0 by cdbattags
143,663luaossl 20200709-0 by daurnimator
153,436bit32 by siffiejoe
163,163LuaSec 0.9-1 by brunoos
172,970penlight 1.5.4-1 by Tieske
182,806LuaCov 0.14.0-2 by hisham
192,792lua-resty-string 0.09-0 by rsander
202,754luacheck 0.23.0-1 by luarocks