Top Lua modules this week

Top downloaded versions in the past 7 days.

133,242lua-resty-http 0.12-0 by pintsized
223,357nginx-lua-prometheus 0.20181120-2 by knyar
321,102lua-cjson 2.1.0-1 by OpenResty
420,486LuaSQL-MySQL 2.3.5-1 by tomasguisasola
514,616LuaSocket 3.0rc1-2 by luarocks
612,548lua-geoip 0.1.2-1 by agladysh
79,115LuaFileSystem 1.7.0-2 by hisham
86,910lua-resty-session 2.23-1 by bungle
95,257lua-cjson by OpenResty
105,099dkjson 2.5-2 by dhkolf
114,889luaossl 20181207-0 by daurnimator
124,735lua-term 0.7-1 by hoelzro
134,431penlight 1.5.4-1 by steved
144,430LuaExpat 1.3.3-1 by tomasguisasola
154,171lua_cliargs 3.0-1 by amireh
164,103luasystem 0.2.1-0 by olim
173,877luaxpath 1.2-4 by basiliscos
183,721say 1.3-1 by olivine-labs
193,707mediator_lua 1.1.2-0 by olivine-labs
203,671LPeg 1.0.1-1 by gvvaughan

Top downloaded versions in the past 7 days excluding any that were in last week's top.

16,910lua-resty-session 2.23-1 by bungle
24,889luaossl 20181207-0 by daurnimator
32,783LuaSec 0.7-1 by brunoos
42,697inspect 3.1.1-0 by kikito
52,341luacheck 0.23.0-1 by mpeterv
62,293busted 2.0.rc13-0 by olivine-labs
72,107kong-plugin-signalfx 0.0.1-1 by signalfx
81,975uuid 0.2-1 by Tieske
91,964argparse 0.6.0-1 by mpeterv
101,770luacheck 0.20.0-1 by mpeterv
111,704pgmoon 1.9.0-1 by leafo
121,667JSON4Lua 0.9.30-1 by luarocks
131,654lua-resty-jit-uuid 0.0.7-1 by thibaultcha
141,644ansicolors 1.0.2-3 by kikito
151,629LuaCrypto 0.3.2-2 by starius
161,582date 2.1.2-1 by Tieske
171,567lualogging 1.3.0-1 by Neopallium
181,562lua-resty-iputils 0.3.0-1 by hamish
191,541luaposix 34.0.4-1 by gvvaughan
201,519busted 2.0.rc12-1 by olivine-labs