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mjolnir.keycodes by sdegutis — downloads: 1,300
Mjolnir module to convert between key-strings and key-codes.
mjolnir.fnutils by sdegutis — downloads: 1,370
Mjolnir module to help with functional programming. by Linell — downloads: 125
Mjolnir module to control your spotify.
mjolnir.chdiza.slateops by chdiza — downloads: 40
Mjolnir module for reproducing Slate's window-movement operations.
Mjolnir module to interact with the mouse cursor.
mjolnir._asm.ipc by _asm — downloads: 125
Provide IPC access to Mjolnir for command line acceess
mjolnir._asm by _asm — downloads: 79
Shared functions for mjolnir._asm modules.
mjolnir._asm.watcher.battery by _asm — downloads: 39
Watch paths recursively for changes in Mjolnir
mjolnir._asm.watcher.screen by _asm — downloads: 44
Watch for screen layout changes in Mjolnir by szymon_k — downloads: 46
Mjolnir module to transform windows.
mjolnir.geometry by sdegutis — downloads: 1,287
Mjolnir module to help with mathy stuff.
mjolnir.hotkey by sdegutis — downloads: 1,643
Mjolnir module to create and manage global hotkeys.
mjolnir.7bits.mjomatic by Habbie — downloads: 51
OS X window management with Mjolnir, inspired by tmuxomatic. by Linell — downloads: 42
Mjolnir module to control your itunes.
mjolnir._asm.settings by _asm — downloads: 126
Functions for user-defined settings that persist across Mjolnir launches.
mjolnir._asm.applistener by _asm — downloads: 65
Listen to notifications sent by other apps, and maybe send some yourself.
Undocumented coredock features.
mjolnir._asm.sys.audiodevice by _asm — downloads: 108
Manipulate the system's audio devices.
mjolnir._asm.sys.battery by _asm — downloads: 40
Functions for getting battery info.
mjolnir._asm.sys.brightness by _asm — downloads: 42
Functions for manipulating display brightness.
mjolnir.grille by knl — downloads: 63
A module for moving/resizing your windows along a virtual and horizontal grid(s), using a fluent interface.
mjolnir.screen by sdegutis — downloads: 1,344
Mjolnir module to inspect and manipulate screens (i.e. monitors).
mjolnir.application by sdegutis — downloads: 1,634
Mjolnir module to inspect and manipulate running applications and their windows.
mjolnir.cmsj.caffeinate by cmsj — downloads: 48
Mjolnir module to prevent display/system sleep by briangilbert — downloads: 461
Mjolnir module for moving/resizing your windows along both virtual and horizontal grids. by _asm — downloads: 72
Functions for data encoding and decoding within Mjolnir.
mjolnir._asm.utf8_53 by _asm — downloads: 67
Functions providing basic support for UTF-8 encodings within Mjolnir.
mjolnir._asm.modal_hotkey by _asm — downloads: 284
Modal hotkey from Hydra ported to Mjolnir
Undocumented CGSDebug features, including Hydra's shadow command.
mjolnir._asm.notify by _asm — downloads: 77
Apple's built-in notifications system for Mjolnir.
Undocumented bluetooth functions.
mjolnir._asm.sys.mouse by _asm — downloads: 54
Functions for getting and setting the position of the mouse pointer.
mjolnir._asm.ui.notification by _asm — downloads: 61
A more powerful use of Apple's built-in notifications system for Mjolnir.
mjolnir._asm.ui.sound by _asm — downloads: 60
Mjolnir access to NSSound via lua.
mjolnir.winter by knl — downloads: 164
A module for moving/resizing windows using a fluent interface.
mjolnir.alert by sdegutis — downloads: 714
Mjolnir module to show brief messages on-screen.
mjolnir._asm.compat_51 by _asm — downloads: 150
Provide Lua 5.1 compatibility functions in Mjolnir
mjolnir._asm.eventtap.event by _asm — downloads: 98
Functionality to inspect, modify, and create events for mjolnir_asm.eventtap is provided by this module.
mjolnir._asm.ipc.cli by _asm — downloads: 128
Mjolnir command line interface
mjolnir._asm.hydra by _asm — downloads: 77
Connivence module for including all ported hydra functionality.
Execute Applescript from within Mjolnir.
mjolnir._asm.hydra.dockicon by _asm — downloads: 70
Control the Mjolnir dock icon.
Hydra's spaces module setosxshadows function for Mjolnir. This module uses undocumented APIs. by _asm — downloads: 42
base64 encoding and decoding functions for Mjolnir by _asm — downloads: 44
Json encoding and decoding functions for Mjolnir by _asm — downloads: 41
Functions providing access to the clipboard in Mjolnir. by sdegutis — downloads: 152
Mjolnir module for moving/resizing your windows along a virtual grid.
mjolnir._asm.modules by _asm — downloads: 123
Module versioning for Mjolnir.
mjolnir._asm.timer by _asm — downloads: 81
Execute functions with various timing rules in Mjolnir
mjolnir._asm.pathwatcher by _asm — downloads: 85
Watch paths recursively for changes in Mjolnir
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