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  • colorbox.nvim by linrongbin16 — downloads: 188
    Load all the ultra colorschemes into your Neovim player!
  • commons.nvim by linrongbin16 — downloads: 749
    The commons lua library for Neovim plugin project.
  • fzfx.nvim by linrongbin16 — downloads: 237
    FZF-based fuzzy finder running on a dynamic engine that parsing user query and selection on every keystroke.
  • giturlparser by linrongbin16 — downloads: 27
    Git URL parsing library for Lua.
  • none-ls.nvim by mochaaP — downloads: 226
    null-ls.nvim reloaded / Use Neovim as a language server to inject LSP diagnostics, code actions, and more via Lua.
  • rocks.nvim by neorocks — downloads: 6,208
    Neovim plugin management inspired by Cargo.
  • lsp-progress.nvim by linrongbin16 — downloads: 42
    A performant lsp progress status for Neovim.
  • lz.n by neorocks — downloads: 105
    🦥 A dead simple lazy-loading Lua library for Neovim plugins.