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lua-resty-redis-connector by pintsized — downloads: 4,910
Connection utilities for lua-resty-redis.
lluv-redis by moteus — downloads: 50
Implement Redis client sockets for lluv library.
lua_redis by omrieival — downloads: 126
A hiredis binding for lua, supporting multiple concurrent connection instances
lapis-redis by leafo — downloads: 838
Redis integration with lapis
lredis by daurnimator — downloads: 224
Redis library for Lua
redis-lua by nrk — downloads: 157,899
A Lua client library for the redis key value storage system.
LuaRestyRedis by uuser — downloads: 13,588
Lua redis client driver for the ngx_lua based on the cosocket API
fakeredis by catwell — downloads: 111,158
Redis mock