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dromozoa-xml by moyu — downloads: 226
XML parser and toolkit
LuaXML by djerius — downloads: 6,834
a module that maps between Lua and XML without much ado
xml2lua by manoelcampos — downloads: 479
An XML Parser written entirely in Lua 5.
lua-xmlreader by luarocks — downloads: 505
An implementation of the XmlReader API using libxml2.
luaxmlrpc by rumkex — downloads: 3,190
Lua-XML-RPC is a Lua package to access and provide XML-RPC services
luaxpath by basiliscos — downloads: 15,792
Simple XPath implementation in the Lua programming language.
xml by gaspard — downloads: 194,240
Very fast xml parser based on RapidXML
LuaExpat by luarocks — downloads: 189,053
XML Expat parsing