Lightweight cmdline fs search.

$ luarocks install fss

Lightweight cmdline fs search.

usage: lua /home/lighght/Xpace/fss/fss.lua <PATTERNS> <PATH>{ <PATH>}
where: <PATH> ::= / | /<name>{/<name>} | <name>{/<name>}
<PATTERN> ::= <cstr>{.<cstr>
<cstr> ::= <consecutive str>
<name> ::= <file name>

means: given a group of patterns,
use each pattern to search in all paths recursively;
and output the combined results in stdout.

also: if one path already satisfies, its children will not be included

e.g.: X.482.H : 1 pattern, which finds Xpace/EECS-482/Homeworks
e.g.: Xp.e.482.H : 1 pattern, does the same
e.g.: Xe.482.H : 1 pattern, but fails the prev search
e.g.: X.482.H,Y : 2 patterns, find [<prev search>, Yggdrasill]
but no more children under Yggdrasill


1.3-12 years ago38 downloads
1.3-02 years ago29 downloads
1.2-02 years ago29 downloads
1.1-02 years ago31 downloads
1.0.2-12 years ago30 downloads
1.0.1-22 years ago33 downloads
1.0.1-12 years ago30 downloads
1.0.0-12 years ago30 downloads
0.1.0-12 years ago32 downloads


lua >= 5.1, < 6
penlight >= 1.10