Lua utility libraries loosely based on the Python standard libraries

$ luarocks install penlight

Penlight is a set of pure Lua libraries for making it easier to work with common tasks like iterating over directories, reading configuration files and the like. Provides functional operations on tables and sequences.


scm-2dev2 years ago112 downloads
scm-1dev2 years ago458 downloads
1.12.0-299 days ago130,360 downloads
1.12.0-1166 days ago78,568 downloads
1.11.0-299 days ago2,569 downloads
1.11.0-1310 days ago153,308 downloads
1.10.0-299 days ago482 downloads
1.10.0-11 year ago93,070 downloads
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1.8.0-11 year ago(revision: 2)34,702 downloads
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1.5.3-12 years ago(revision: 2)740 downloads
1.5.2-12 years ago(revision: 2)27,899 downloads
1.5.1-12 years ago(revision: 2)1,645 downloads
1.5.0-12 years ago(revision: 2)239 downloads
1.4.1-12 years ago(revision: 2)78,228 downloads
1.4.0-12 years ago(revision: 2)1,430 downloads
1.3.2-22 years ago(revision: 2)319,746 downloads
1.3.1-12 years ago10,759 downloads
1.2.1-12 years ago(revision: 2)319 downloads
1.1.0-32 years ago688 downloads
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AC-LuaServer, APIcast, APIOAK, aspect, busted, busted, busted, Cassowary, ccrunx-compose, cldr, cmft-base-kong, cmft-kong, commonmark, cwtest, dd-lua-tester, ddt, dns, docroc, dogmac, dogma-core, eaw-abstraction-layer, fluent, Formatter, FormatterFiveOne, fss, gin, glyphify, kong, kong, kong-oidc-google-groups, kRPC, ldoc, ldoc, ldoc, libssh, luacov-html, luadist2, LuaDocumentor, luagq, luahue, luaish-windows, luaish-windows, luakuroshiro, LuaLoL, luamon, lua-resty-aws, lua-resty-dns-client, lua-resty-gaze, lua-resty-healthcheck, lua-resty-uh, LuaTwit, mocka, moonrocks, multipart, nested-cli, nokia-fork-lua-resty-dns-client, npssdk, orange, pokitdok, rockexp, rockspec2cmake, tlua, trepl-torchless, twrl, wowcig