A Lua 5.x parser written with LPeg

$ luarocks install lua-parser

This is a Lua 5.3 parser written with LPeg that generates an AST in
the format specified by Metalua.
The parser also implements an error reporting technique that is
based on tracking the farthest failure position.


1.0.3-1124 days ago178 downloads
1.0.2-11 year ago828 downloads
1.0.1-13 years ago416 downloads
1.0.0-16 years ago(revision: 2)684 downloads
0.1.1-18 years ago200 downloads
0.1-28 years ago49 downloads
0.1-18 years ago46 downloads


LPegLabel >= 1.6.0
lua >= 5.1

Dependency for

glum, luaflow, mulua