Parsing Expression Grammars For Lua with Labeled Failures

$ luarocks install lpeglabel

LPegLabel is a conservative extension of the
LPeg (http://www.inf.puc-rio.br/~roberto/lpeg)
library that provides an implementation of Parsing
Expression Grammars (PEGs) with labeled failures.
Labels can be used to signal different kinds of errors
and to specify which recovery pattern should handle a
given label. Labels can also be combined with the standard
patterns of LPeg.

Besides that, LPegLabel also reports the farthest
failure position in case of an ordinary failure
(which is represented by label 'fail').


1.6.2-11 year ago2,106 downloads
1.6.1-11 year ago740 downloads
1.6.0-14 years ago(revision: 2)8,569 downloads
1.5.0-16 years ago8,523 downloads
1.4.0-17 years ago3,213 downloads
1.3.0-17 years ago976 downloads
1.2.0-17 years ago532 downloads
1.1.0-17 years ago859 downloads
1.0.0-17 years ago63 downloads
0.12.2-28 years ago29 downloads
0.12.2-19 years ago46 downloads


lua >= 5.1

Dependency for

candran, Caribay, hotfix-gen, lacord, lpegrex, lua-glob, lua-lsp, lua-lsp, lua-lsp, lua-parser, molde, parser-gen