Entity Component System for Lua.

$ luarocks install tiny-ecs

Pure Lua implementation of an easy to use, compact, fast, and flexible
Entity Component System. Works well with Object Orientation.


scm-0dev9 years ago82 downloads
1.3-37 years ago731 downloads
1.3-28 years ago66 downloads
1.3-18 years ago62 downloads
1.2-18 years ago154 downloads
1.1-78 years ago76 downloads
1.1-69 years ago54 downloads
1.1-59 years ago69 downloads
1.1-49 years ago108 downloads
1.1-39 years ago50 downloads
1.1-29 years ago50 downloads
1.1-19 years ago110 downloads
1.0-29 years ago159 downloads


lua >= 5.1