$ luarocks install --server=https://luarocks.org/m/love <name>

Hi there! LÖVE is an *awesome* framework you can use to make 2D games in Lua. It's free, open-source, and works on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. This manifest is for modules that have a dependency on LÖVE.

  • async by bartbes — downloads: 1,704
    A love library for asynchronous background computation
  • babel by damvgn — downloads: 245
    A simple internationalisation module
  • bump-3dpd by shru — downloads: 186
    A 3D collision detection library for Lua
  • cpml by shakesoda — downloads: 292
    Cirno's Perfect Math Library
  • external-oauth by mogui — downloads: 2,117
    A Kong plugin, that let you use an external Oauth 2.0 provider to protect your API
  • external-oauth2 by Jackong — downloads: 69
    A Kong plugin, that let you use an external Oauth 2.0 provider to protect your API
  • Filament by Guard13007 — downloads: 50
    A simplification of the Love engine's threading model.
  • HC by vrld — downloads: 162
    General purpose 2D collision detection in pure Lua
  • hill_noise by spill — downloads: 4
  • horchata by JuanjoSalvador — downloads: 23
    A bunch of micromodules made to make easier Lua game development
  • hump by vrld — downloads: 1,049
    Lightweight game development utilities
  • kong-oidc-forward-host by jasine — downloads: 93
    A Kong plugin for implementing the OpenID Connect Relying Party (RP) functionality
  • lj2procfs by williamaadams — downloads: 124
    LuaJIT access to the Linux procfs
  • love-release by Rucikir — downloads: 5,508
    Make LÖVE games releases easier
  • loverocks by alloyed — downloads: 1,955
    A luarocks <-> love wrapper
  • lua-boolexpr by A-G-D — downloads: 12
    Boolean Expression library for Lua
  • LuaClasses by angrpygmy — downloads: 54
    Closure based class support for Lua
  • lube by bartbes — downloads: 37
    A game-loop centric wrapper module for luasockets
  • lume by Tom9729 — downloads: 1,583
    A collection of functions for Lua, geared towards game development.
  • RadarChart by josefnpat — downloads: 76
    RadarChart is a radar/spider chart generator module for LÖVE.
  • repler by bartbes — downloads: 36
    A repl for LOVE programs
  • suit by vrld — downloads: 202
    Immediate mode GUI library in pure Lua.
  • terebi by shru — downloads: 176
    Graphics scaling library for Love2D.
  • tiny-ecs by bakpakin — downloads: 970
    Entity Component System for Lua.