an extension for testing long string

$ luarocks install lua-testlongstring

lua-TestLongString is a port of the Perl5 module Test::LongString.

It is an extension of lua-TestMore.

It provides functions for comparing and testing strings
that are not in plain text or are especially long.


0.2.2-22 years ago415 downloads
0.2.2-1Archived2 years ago12 downloads
0.2.1-1Archived2 years ago267 downloads
0.2.0-1Archived2 years ago194 downloads
0.1.3-2Archived2 years ago35 downloads
0.1.2-1Archived2 years ago22 downloads
0.1.1-1Archived2 years ago6 downloads
0.1.0-2Archived2 years ago24 downloads
0.1.0-1Archived2 years ago6 downloads


lua >= 5.1
lua-TestMore >= 0.3.0

Dependency for

lua-Spore, lua-Spore