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  • mineunit by S-S-X — downloads: 551
    Regression test framework for Minetest mods
  • luassert by olivine-labs — downloads: 1.5m
    Lua Assertions Extension
  • lua-mock by henry4k — downloads: 389
    Provides mocking utilities.
  • lluv-busted by moteus — downloads: 141
    Support async tests for busted with lluv library
  • lspec by toadjamb — downloads: 106
    Jasmine-style testing framework
  • specl by gvvaughan — downloads: 58.5k
    Behaviour Driven Development for Lua
  • annotate by siffiejoe — downloads: 192
    A decorator for docstrings and type checking
  • gambiarra by imolein — downloads: 43
    A tiny lua unit-testing library.
  • say by olivine-labs — downloads: 1.6m
    Lua String Hashing/Indexing Library
  • cwtest by catwell — downloads: 451
    Test helper
  • busted-stable by kikito — downloads: 582
    Installs a stable version of busted
  • Domotest by NxSoftware — downloads: 116
    A simple testing framework for Domoticz Lua scripts.
  • tstrict by cehteh — downloads: 134
    Yet Another Implementation For Lua Strict Tables
  • fakeredis by catwell — downloads: 159k
    Redis mock
  • telescope by luarocks — downloads: 7,076
    A test/spec library for Lua.
  • doccotest by saucisson — downloads: 390
    Doctest for Lua commented with Docco
  • mach by ryanplusplus — downloads: 1,693
    Simple mocking framework for Lua inspired by CppUMock and designed for readability.
  • busted by olivine-labs — downloads: 1.7m
    Elegant Lua unit testing.
  • testy by siffiejoe — downloads: 677
    Easy unit testing for Lua modules.
  • lunatest by luarocks — downloads: 1,842
    xUnit-style + randomized unit testing framework
  • Valua by Etiene — downloads: 24.8k
    Validation for Lua!
  • LuaUnit by bluebird75 — downloads: 408k
    A unit testing framework for Lua
  • lua-TestMore by fperrad — downloads: 9,581
    an Unit Testing Framework
  • luacov-multiple by to-kr — downloads: 51.7k
    Multiple LuaCov report generators
  • TestingUnit by ldrumm — downloads: 86
    Another unit testing library for Lua inspired by Python's unittest.
  • validate-args by djerius — downloads: 20.7k
    Function argument and structure validation
  • LuaCov-coveralls by moteus — downloads: 243k
    LuaCov reporter for service
  • lunit by luarocks — downloads: 20.3k
    A unit testing framework for Lua
  • mocka by adobeio — downloads: 4,781
    The one lua testing framework that mocks classes, runs with real classes from your project, has nginx embeded methods for openresty individual testing. Has a suite of libraries preinstalled and you can specify libraries to install.
  • checks by luarocks — downloads: 13.7k
    Easy, terse, readable and fast function arguments type checking
  • lunitx by dougcurrie — downloads: 31.7k
    Lunitx is a unit testing framework for lua, written in lua.