Coverage analysis tool for Lua scripts

$ luarocks install luacov

LuaCov is a simple coverage analysis tool for Lua scripts.
When a Lua script is run with the luacov module, it
generates a stats file. The luacov command-line script then
processes this file generating a report indicating which code
paths were not traversed, which is useful for verifying the
effectiveness of a test suite.


0.14.0-123 days ago6,788 downloads
0.13.0-123 days ago158,934 downloads
0.12.0-123 days ago175,498 downloads
0.11.0-123 days ago56,595 downloads
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lua >= 5.1, < 5.4

Dependency for

cluacov, doccotest, luacov-cobertura, luacov-cobertura, luacov-console, LuaCov-coveralls, luacov-multiple, luacov-reporter-lcov, luacov-reporter-lcov, luacov-reporter-lcov, luacov-summary, mocka, nelua