Human-friendly Lua code analysis powered by Lua Language Server.

$ luarocks install llscheck

LLSCheck is a command-line utility that leverages the Lua Language Server for linting and
static analysis of Lua code. It delivers user-friendly reports, enhancing readability compared
to raw JSON output. Moreover, LLSCheck seamlessly integrates with popular CI tools.


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0.4.1-18 days ago7 downloads
0.4.0-18 days ago2 downloads
0.3.0-1260 days ago250 downloads
0.2.0-1261 days ago17 downloads


ansicolors >=v1.0.2
argparse >= 0.7.0
lua >= 5.1
lua-cjson >=
LuaFileSystem >= 1.8.0
penlight >= 1.11.0