Easily build a standalone executable for any Lua program.

$ luarocks install luapak

Luapak is a command-line tool that offers a complete, all-in-one (yet modular) solution for building a standalone, zero-dependencies, possibly statically linked executable for any Lua program. It automatically resolves all required dependencies using LuaRocks and static analysis of requirements across Lua sources, generates C wrapper with embedded Lua sources, compiles it and links with Lua library and native extensions.


dev-0dev4 years ago(revision: 39)131 downloads
0.1.0.beta5-14 years ago1,542 downloads
0.1.0.beta4-14 years ago24 downloads
0.1.0.beta3-14 years ago22 downloads
0.1.0.beta2-14 years ago20 downloads


brieflz ~> 0.1.2
depgraph ~> 0.1
lua >= 5.1
LuaRocks ~> 2.4
LuaSrcDiet ~> 0.3
optparse ~> 1.1