The package manager for Lua

$ luarocks install luarocks

LuaRocks allows you to install Lua modules as self-contained
packages called "rocks", which also contain version dependency
information. This information is used both during installation,
so that when one rock is requested all rocks it depends on are
installed as well, and at run time, so that when a module is
required, the correct version is loaded. LuaRocks supports both
local and remote repositories, and multiple local rocks trees.


scm-4dev7 years ago64 downloads
scm-1dev8 years ago39 downloads
3.9.2-16 hours ago3 downloads
3.9.1-1160 days ago3,303 downloads
3.9.0-1235 days ago(revision: 3)2,692 downloads
3.8.0-11 year ago4,631 downloads
3.7.0-11 year ago697 downloads
3.6.0-11 year ago68 downloads
3.4.0-12 years ago634 downloads
3.2.1-13 years ago1,887 downloads
3.2.0-13 years ago57 downloads
3.1.2-13 years ago459 downloads
3.1.1-13 years ago26 downloads
3.1.0-13 years ago35 downloads
3.0.4-14 years ago2,905 downloads
3.0.3-14 years ago406 downloads
3.0.2-14 years ago63 downloads
3.0.1-14 years ago295 downloads
2.4.4-14 years ago2,077 downloads
2.4.3-15 years ago5,127 downloads
2.4.2-16 years ago3,233 downloads
2.4.1-16 years ago250 downloads
2.4.0-16 years ago151 downloads
2.3.0-16 years ago813 downloads
2.3.0rc1-1dev7 years ago116 downloads
2.2.3rc2-1dev7 years ago29 downloads
2.2.3rc1-1dev7 years ago29 downloads
2.2.2-17 years ago511 downloads
2.2.1-27 years ago117 downloads
2.2.1-17 years ago50 downloads
2.2.0-28 years ago365 downloads
2.2.0-18 years ago61 downloads
2.1.2-18 years ago158 downloads
2.1.1-18 years ago102 downloads

Dependency for

Faketorio, loverocks, luapak, lua-rover