Run external programs in OpenResty without spawning a shell

$ luarocks install lua-resty-exec

A small Lua module for executing processes. It's primarily intended to be used with OpenResty, but will work in regular Lua applications as well. When used with OpenResty, it's completely non-blocking (otherwise it falls back to using LuaSocket and does block).

It's similar to (and inspired by) lua-resty-shell, the primary difference being this module uses sockexec, which doesn't spawn a shell - instead you provide an array of argument strings, which means you don't need to worry about shell escaping/quoting/parsing rules.

This requires your web server to have an active instance of sockexec[1] running.



3.0.3-05 years ago7,521 downloads
3.0.2-05 years ago17 downloads
3.0.1-05 years ago329 downloads
2.0.1-05 years ago91 downloads
2.0.0-15 years ago49 downloads
2.0.0-05 years ago15 downloads
1.2.1-05 years ago7 downloads
1.2.0-05 years ago36 downloads
1.1.4-05 years ago34 downloads
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1.1.2-06 years ago41 downloads
1.1.1-16 years ago7 downloads
1.1.1-06 years ago359 downloads
1.1.0-06 years ago15 downloads
1.0.0-06 years ago13 downloads


lua >= 5.1
netstring >= 1.0.6

Dependency for

lua-docx, multistreamer