efficient and generic API to do hybrid programming in openresty

$ luarocks install lua-resty-ffi

With lua-resty-ffi, You could develop openresty libraries in mainstream languages (Go, Python, Java, Rust, Node.js).


* nonblocking, in coroutine way

* simple but extensible interface, supports any C ABI compliant language

* once and for all, no need to write C/Lua codes to do coupling anymore

* high performance, faster than unix domain socket way

* generic loader library for python/java/nodejs

* any serialization message format you like

### How to build lua-resty-ffi .so file?

# specify your openresty source path in variable $OR_SRC ensure openresty source are already configured and built according to your product release

luarocks config variables.OR_SRC /tmp/tmp.Z2UhJbO1Si/openresty-

# Because non-code changes can also affect buildid generation, specifying the real running nginx binary (optional) can solve this problem.

luarocks config variables.NGINX_BIN /usr/local/openresty/nginx/sbin/nginx

luarocks install lua-resty-ffi


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