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giflib by leafo — downloads: 129
LuaJIT FFI binding to giflib
lua-resty-xxhash by bungle — downloads: 72
LuaJIT FFI-bindings to xxHash, an Extremely fast non-cryptographic hash algorithm.
llvm by afonso360 — downloads: 36
LLVM-C API Bindings for lua
lua-bcrypt by blablacio — downloads: 147
LuaJIT FFI binding for OpenBSD bcrypt
argon2-ffi by thibaultcha — downloads: 192
LuaJIT FFI binding for the Argon2 password hashing algorithm
lua-erento-uuid by erento — downloads: 392
LuaJIT FFI-based UUID library.
bcrypt-ffi by djmax — downloads: 283
LuaJIT FFI binding for the bcrypt password hashing algorithm