Lua Kafka client driver for the ngx_lua based on the cosocket API

$ luarocks install kong-lua-resty-kafka

This package is a fork of https://github.com/doujiang24/lua-resty-kafka that extends
its functionality for:

* mTLS support
* SASL (PLAIN) support

This Lua library requires to patch OpenResty with changes made in lua-ngx-module by this PR:

This Lua library is a Kafka client driver for the ngx_lua nginx module:


This Lua library takes advantage of ngx_lua's cosocket API, which ensures 100% nonblocking behavior.

Note that at least ngx_lua 0.9.3 or ngx_openresty is required, and unfortunately only LuaJIT supported (--with-luajit).


0.19-037 days ago766 downloads
0.18-0111 days ago41,555 downloads
0.17-0283 days ago14,202 downloads
0.16-01 year ago13,507 downloads
0.15-01 year ago11,298 downloads
0.14-01 year ago11,237 downloads
0.13-02 years ago(revision: 5)15,061 downloads
0.12-02 years ago16,269 downloads
0.11-02 years ago118 downloads
0.10-02 years ago115 downloads


lua >= 5.1
penlight == 1.13.1