Lua Web Server API FastCGI Adapter

WSAPI is an API that abstracts the web server from Lua web applications. This
is the rock that contains the FCGI module lfcgi.


cvs-2dev9 years ago3 downloads
cvs-1dev9 years ago75 downloads
1.6.1-19 years ago37 downloads
1.6-19 years ago29 downloads
1.5-19 years ago61 downloads
1.4-19 years ago58 downloads
1.3.4-19 years ago126 downloads
1.3.3-19 years ago80 downloads
1.3.2-19 years ago79 downloads
1.3.1-19 years ago29 downloads
1.3-19 years ago321 downloads
1.2-19 years ago100 downloads
1.1-39 years ago29 downloads
1.1-29 years ago465 downloads
1.1-19 years ago56 downloads
1.0-29 years ago307 downloads
1.0-19 years ago165 downloads
1.0rc1-1dev9 years ago63 downloads


WSAPI 1.0rc1