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luajwt by x25 — downloads: 185,946
JSON Web Tokens for Lua
router by kikito — downloads: 37,598
A barebones router for Lua. It matches urls and executes lua functions
pegasus by evandrolg — downloads: 1,274
Pegasus.lua is a http server to work with web applications written in Lua language.
lapis by leafo — downloads: 202,661
A web framework for MoonScript & Lua
Gumbo by craigb — downloads: 1,543
Lua bindings for the Gumbo HTML5 parsing library
luafcgi by mbalmer — downloads: 94
FastCGI Binding for Lua
seawolf by develCuy — downloads: 374
Ophal toolkit library for back-end web development.
fcgi by mikejsavage — downloads: 207
A Lua module for writing FastCGI applications
web_sanitize by leafo — downloads: 2,306
Lua library for sanitizing untrusted HTML
WSAPI-FCGI by mascarenhas — downloads: 3,722
Lua Web Server API FastCGI Adapter
latclient by Etiene — downloads: 2,857
An extension of LuaPages preprocessor to use Lua at the browser
WSAPI-Xavante by mascarenhas — downloads: 17,158
Lua Web Server API - Xavante Handler
Xavante by mascarenhas — downloads: 20,784
Lua Web Server Library
XSSFilter by luarocks — downloads: 270
A filter to prevernt cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks
Sailor by Etiene — downloads: 13,881
A Lua MVC Framework
Sputnik by luarocks — downloads: 122
A wiki and a framework for wiki-like applications
Videur by tarek — downloads: 83
Web Application Firewall
mobile_detect by luarocks — downloads: 141
Mobile HTTP browser detection library
gimlet-cocktail by losinggeneration — downloads: 73
A micro web framework inspired by Martini and Sinatra.
gimlet-render by losinggeneration — downloads: 67
A renderer for HTML templates and JSON for Gimlet Cocktail
WSAPI by mascarenhas — downloads: 34,236
Lua Web Server API
CGILua by tomasguisasola — downloads: 14,647
Tool for creating dynamic Web pages and manipulating data from Web forms
Orbit by rjpcomputing — downloads: 3,279
MVC for Lua Web Development
lapis-community by leafo — downloads: 2,307
A drop in, full featured community and comment system for Lapis projects
vanilla by zhoujing — downloads: 571
A Lightweight Openresty Web Framework
lucid by akorn — downloads: 340
A web API toolkit.
remy by Etiene — downloads: 3,001
An abstraction of web servers supporting Lua
lua-jwc by Zash — downloads: 309
JSON Web Crypto
lor by sumory — downloads: 201
html-entities by TiagoDanin — downloads: 683
Module for lua, decoding html entities :)
lua-resty-openidc by hans.zandbelt — downloads: 10,064
A library for NGINX implementing the OpenID Connect Relying Party (RP) and the OAuth 2.0 Resource Server (RS) functionality
lua-mastodon by hisham — downloads: 34
A Lua client for the Mastodon social network
nginx-lua-frequency by itsmikej — downloads: 23
A frequency module for Nginx written in Lua
lluv-pegasus by moteus — downloads: 20
Simple server based on pegasus.lua library