Friendly way to add HTTP/websocket servers to Lua

$ luarocks install ezserv

This project is designed to be the easiest/friendliest
way to add HTTP and websocket server support to a Lua
project. It uses boost beast behind the scenes.

- Asynchronous
- Friendly API: just eight functions, yet supports
all kinds of usage patters in Lua (event polling,
coroutines, etc.)
- HTTP requests are parsed for you, and you can
send back data or error codes
- Can upgrade HTTP sessions to websockets and
send/receive data. The websocket framing, security,
pings/pongs, etc. are all handled by boost beast.

This is not meant to be a high-performance 10000 thread
webserver. It is meant to be an easy way to add web support
to small projects.


1.3-12 years ago70 downloads
1.2-12 years ago7 downloads
1.0-12 years ago15 downloads


lua >= 5.1