JSON Schema data validator

$ luarocks install jsonschema

This library provides a jsonschema draft 4, draft 6, draft 7 validator for Lua/LuaJIT.
Given an JSON schema, it will generates a validator function that can be used
to validate any kind of data (not limited to JSON).

Base on https://github.com/jdesgats/jsonschema .


0.9.5-0189 days ago33,338 downloads
0.9.4-0199 days ago2,854 downloads
0.9.3-0290 days ago58,354 downloads
0.9.2-0304 days ago8,064 downloads
0.9.1-0304 days ago3 downloads
0.9-01 year ago430 downloads
0.8-01 year ago45,288 downloads
0.7-01 year ago532 downloads
0.6-01 year ago966 downloads
0.5-01 year ago2,018 downloads
0.4-01 year ago1,650 downloads
0.3-01 year ago229 downloads


Dependency for

APIOAK, Apache APISIX, edge, kong-simple-request-validator, magic-apigw