MongoDB Driver for Lua

$ luarocks install lua-mongo

lua-mongo is a binding to MongoDB C Driver for Lua:
- Unified API for MongoDB commands, CRUD operations and GridFS in MongoDB C Driver.
- Support for data transformation metamethods/handlers when converting to/from BSON documents.
- Transparent conversion from Lua/JSON to BSON for convenience.
- Automatic conversion of Lua numbers to/from BSON Int32, Int64 and Double types depending on their capacity without precision loss (when Lua allows it). Manual conversion is also available.


1.2.3-141 days ago283 downloads
1.2.2-1321 days ago2,299 downloads
1.2.1-1321 days ago714 downloads
1.2.0-1321 days ago19 downloads
git-1dev2 years ago(revision: 7)29 downloads


lua >= 5.1