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lusty-store-mysql by olivine-labs — downloads: 315
MySQL plugin for lusty persistence interface.
luapgsql by mbalmer — downloads: 1,087
A Lua Binding for PostgreSQL
Lightningmdb by shmul — downloads: 17,647
A thin wrapper around OpenLDAP Lightning Memory-Mapped Database (LMDB).
LuaSQL-MySQL by tomasguisasola — downloads: 331,275
Database connectivity for Lua (MySQL driver)
lsqlite3 by dougcurrie — downloads: 16,204
A binding for Lua to the SQLite3 database library
lua-leveldb by marcopompili — downloads: 92
LevelDB extension for Lua.
Luchia by thehunmonkgroup — downloads: 412
Lua API for CouchDB.
cassandra by jbochi — downloads: 4,246
Pure Lua Cassandra - CQL client
LuaSQL-SQLite3 by luarocks — downloads: 14,944
Database connectivity for Lua (SQLite3 driver)
cqueues-pgsql by daurnimator — downloads: 716
A wrapper around luapgsql that uses cqueues
luaejdb by adamansky — downloads: 63
Embedded JSON Database engine Lua binding
LuaSQL-Postgres by tomasguisasola — downloads: 12,818
Database connectivity for Lua (Postgres driver)
Dado by tomasguisasola — downloads: 3,269
Database Facilities for LuaSQL
odbc by moteus — downloads: 1,381
ODBC library for Lua
Lua-TTyrant by luarocks — downloads: 83
TokyoTyrant API for Lua.
tdb by istr — downloads: 72
A Lua binding to Andrew Tridgell's TDB.
lua-tinycdb by luarocks — downloads: 452
Provides support for creating and reading constant databases
tincan by luarocks — downloads: 213
Dead simple persistent key value store library.
LuaPSQL by luarocks — downloads: 149
PostgreSQL client bindings for Lua
SACI by luarocks — downloads: 92
Saci is a document-oriented hierarchical storage system
lua-CoatPersistent-LuaSQL by fperrad — downloads: 742
an ORM for lua-Coat
cdb by istr — downloads: 112
A Lua binding to djb's CDB.
pgmoon by leafo — downloads: 65,151
Postgres driver for OpenResty and Lua
odbc-pool by moteus — downloads: 105
ODBC connections pool
Lua-ReQL by grandquista — downloads: 1,303
A Lua driver for RethinkDB.
dkjson by dhkolf — downloads: 566,503
David Kolf's JSON module for Lua
lua-CoatPersistent-lsqlite3 by fperrad — downloads: 1,085
an ORM for lua-Coat
lgdbm by peterbillam — downloads: 569
A database library for Lua using GDBM
kong-cassandra by kong — downloads: 392
Pure Lua Cassandra - CQL client
lua-cassandra by thibaultcha — downloads: 48,631
Pure Lua driver for Apache Cassandra
mongorover by christopherjwang — downloads: 2,246
A Lua driver for MongoDB.
Lua-Sqlite3 by moteus — downloads: 1,062
Lua-Sqlite3 is a SQLite3 wrapper for Lua
lua-resty-mysql by NBZ4live — downloads: 5,174
Nonblocking Lua MySQL driver library for OpenResty / ngx_lua.
sqlrocks by leite — downloads: 54
Sqlrocks, transparent, schemaless library for building and composing SQL statements.
LuaNoSQL-UnQLite by hcsturix74 — downloads: 50
NoSQL Database connectivity for Lua (UnQLite driver)
dromozoa-sqlite3 by moyu — downloads: 444
Lua bindings for SQLite3
luadbi by sparked435 — downloads: 11,871
Database abstraction layer
luadbi-mysql by sparked435 — downloads: 2,752
Database abstraction layer
luadbi-postgresql by sparked435 — downloads: 20,550
Database abstraction layer
luadbi-sqlite3 by sparked435 — downloads: 7,979
Database abstraction layer
sqltable by sparked435 — downloads: 151
Database-to-Lua Mapper
firebase by rok — downloads: 97
A Firebase database REST module in Lua
lua-mongo by neoxic — downloads: 741
MongoDB Driver for Lua
tokyocabinet by daurnimator — downloads: 30
Lua Binding of Tokyo Cabinet
lluv-pg by moteus — downloads: 12
PostgreSQL client for lluv library
clutch by akojo — downloads: 52
A simple API for sqlite3