$ luarocks install --server=https://luarocks.org/manifests/optum-ross <name>


  • kong-cluster-drain by Optum_Ross — downloads: 1,511
    Drain and divert your traffic without briging down the LTM and iterrupting existing traffic by a switch that allows failing your healthcheck to a datacenter.
  • kong-error-log by Optum_Ross — downloads: 1,052
    Plugin to expose NGINX error logs for Kong lua plugin consumption
  • kong-kafka-log by Optum_Ross — downloads: 97
    Kong plugin designed to log API transactions to Kafka
  • kong-oidc-auth by Optum_Ross — downloads: 1,744
    OpenID Connect authentication with Kong gateway
  • kong-path-based-routing by Optum_Ross — downloads: 2,234
    A plugin for Kong which dynamically sets the upstream hostname at runtime, based on the request URI
  • kong-response-size-limiting by Optum_Ross — downloads: 2,703
    This plugin will protect the client from consuming API responses that are deemed to large within the Kong API Gateway.
  • kong-service-virtualization by Optum_Ross — downloads: 13.3k
    This plugin enables virtual API request and response pair mocking on the Kong API Gateway before the actual backend service is ready to serve transactions
  • kong-spec-expose by Optum_Ross — downloads: 3,998
    Plugin to expose the specification/contract of auth protected API services fronted by the Kong gateway
  • kong-splunk-log by Optum_Ross — downloads: 16.2k
    Kong plugin designed to log API transactions to Splunk
  • kong-upstream-jwt by Optum_Ross — downloads: 6,102
    A plugin for Kong which adds a signed JWT to HTTP Headers of outgoing requests