$ luarocks install --server=http://luarocks.org/manifests/optum-ross <name>


kong-cluster-drain by Optum_Ross — downloads: 8
Drain and divert your traffic without briging down the LTM and iterrupting existing traffic by a switch that allows failing your healthcheck to a datacenter.
kong-oidc-auth by Optum_Ross — downloads: 239
OpenID Connect authentication with Kong gateway
kong-path-based-routing by Optum_Ross — downloads: 241
A plugin for Kong which dynamically sets the upstream hostname at runtime, based on the request URI
This plugin enables virtual API request and response pair mocking on the Kong API Gateway before the actual backend service is ready to serve transactions
kong-spec-expose by Optum_Ross — downloads: 223
Plugin to expose the specification/contract of auth protected API services fronted by the Kong gateway
kong-splunk-log by Optum_Ross — downloads: 224
Kong plugin designed to log API transactions to Splunk
kong-upstream-jwt by Optum_Ross — downloads: 953
A plugin for Kong which adds a signed JWT to HTTP Headers of outgoing requests