Lua Multi tasking/threading library

$ luarocks install multi

Version 14.3.0 - PesudoThreading

This library contains many methods for multi tasking. Features non coroutine based multitasking, coroutine based multi tasking, and system threading (Requires use of an integration).

Check github for details.


14.3-0295 days ago24 downloads
14.2-0313 days ago(revision: 2)1 download
14.1-0337 days ago6 downloads
14.0-0361 days ago6 downloads
13.1-01 year ago12 downloads
13.0-01 year ago11 downloads
12.2-11 year ago(revision: 3)277 downloads
12.2-02 years ago0 downloads
1.9-13 years ago31 downloads
1.8-63 years ago29 downloads
1.8-53 years ago13 downloads
1.8-43 years ago15 downloads
1.8-33 years ago13 downloads
1.8-23 years ago12 downloads


lua >= 5.1

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