Modules labeled 'threads' (15)

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  • Parallel by moteus — downloads: 75
    Basic parallel loops
  • Lanes by benoit.germain — downloads: 81.2k
    Multithreading support for Lua
  • mtint by osch — downloads: 3
    Make threads and coroutines interruptible in arbitrary multi-threading scenarios
  • mtmsg by osch — downloads: 994
    Low-level message buffers for inter-thread communication in arbitrary multi-threading scenarios
  • darksidesync by Tieske — downloads: 621
    Thread synchronization support for bindings to libraries with their own threadpools
  • lua-llthreads by Neopallium — downloads: 1,935
    Low-Level threads for Lua
  • Copas-Async by hisham — downloads: 220
    Copas add-on to provide true asynchronus threads
  • lua-llthreads2-compat by moteus — downloads: 528
    Low-Level threads for Lua
  • cqueues by daurnimator — downloads: 29.4k
    Continuation Queues: Embeddable asynchronous networking, threading, and notification framework for Lua on Unix.
  • Filament by Guard13007 — downloads: 4
    A simplification of the Love engine's threading model.
  • multi by rayaman — downloads: 362
    Lua Multi tasking/threading library
  • luaproc by askyrme — downloads: 835
    luaproc concurrency programming library for Lua.
  • LuaStepper by aryajur — downloads: 51
    Allow Lua scripts to run multiple Lua scripts in parallel, platform independent without using threading.
  • lua-llthreads2 by moteus — downloads: 54.7k
    Low-Level threads for Lua
  • mtstates by osch — downloads: 8
    Pass Lua states to other threads in arbitrary multi-threading scenarios