Filesystem API from C++ std::filesystem.

$ luarocks install stdfs

NOTICE: recently I found out that the library failed to compile for Lua 5.1 and 5.2. This outrageous flaw was fixed in version 0.8-1. Tested with Ubuntu + gcc. If you come across compilation issues, please don't hesitate to send me an email or file up an issue at gitlab. Thank you. More testing environments will follow in future.

This is a filesytem API library. It is a thin wrapper for C++ std::filesystem.
With the following design goals:
- UTF-8 paths support
- ease of writing this library
- wide range of API tools
- no reinventing the wheel

stdfs offers:
- path userdata type with path-style and string-style concatenations, comparisons and seamless conversion to/from string. Querying extension, stem, filename, parent, replacing extension and filename.
- iterating over directory structure
- copying, renaming, removing filesystem objects
- creating directories
- querying existence, size, attributes, write time
- querying free space, working directory, temporary directory
- working with symlinks: creating, checking target, removing, acquiring attributes

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lua >= 5.1