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lluv by moteus — downloads: 1,608
Lua low-level binding to libuv
datafile by hisham — downloads: 4,077
A library for handling paths when loading data files
inotify by hoelzro — downloads: 1,409
Inotify bindings for Lua
lua-path by moteus — downloads: 80,745
File system path manipulation library
LuaNotify by luarocks — downloads: 116
Lua package providing tools for implementing observer programming pattern
lnotify by luarocks — downloads: 64
Simple bind from libnotify to Lua.
luafam by luarocks — downloads: 49
Lua File Alteration Monitoring Interface
LuaFileSystem by hisham — downloads: 612,857
File System Library for the Lua Programming Language
lpath by Xavier Wang — downloads: 1,261
a OS specified path manipulation module for Lua
LUSE by doub — downloads: 57
Lua bindings for the Filesystems in Userspace (FUSE) library
Flu by doub — downloads: 168
Filesystems in Lua Userspace.
prtr-path by doub — downloads: 123
A simple module to manipulate file paths in Lua.
mirrorfs by catwell — downloads: 18
A FUSE mirroring a directory.
mkdirp by xpol — downloads: 68
A `mkdir -p` module for Lua.
rmrf by xpol — downloads: 75
A `rm -rf` module for Lua.
physfs by Xavier Wang — downloads: 23
lunix by daurnimator — downloads: 47
Lua Unix Module.