Fast and dependency-free UUID library for LuaJIT/ngx_lua

$ luarocks install lua-resty-jit-uuid

This module is aimed at being a free of dependencies, performant and
complete UUID library for LuaJIT and ngx_lua.

Unlike FFI and C bindings, it does not depend on libuuid being available
in your system. On top of that, it performs better than most (all?)
of the generators it was benchmarked against, FFI bindings included.

Finally, it provides additional features such as UUID v3/v4 generation and
UUID validation.


0.0.7-2250 days ago89,430 downloads
0.0.7-11 year ago64,571 downloads
0.0.6-12 years ago12,793 downloads
0.0.5-13 years ago27,845 downloads
0.0.4-13 years ago1,153 downloads
0.0.3-13 years ago16 downloads
0.0.2-03 years ago19 downloads
0.0.1-03 years ago11 downloads

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APIcast, apisix, apisix-dev, cmft-kong, kong, lua-resty-iyo-auth, multistreamer