Copas add-on to provide timers, background tasks and optionally events

$ luarocks install copastimer

Copas Timer is a module that adds a timer capability to the
Copas scheduler. It provides the same base functions step and
loop as Copas (it actually replaces them) except that it will
also check for (and run) timers expiring and run background
workers if there is no IO or timer to handle. It also adds
methods to allow for a controlled exit from the loop.
As an optional component an 'eventer' is available to dispatch
events as background tasks in Copas Timer.


1.0.0-17 years ago5,199 downloads
0.4.3-17 years ago49 downloads
0.4.2-17 years ago37 downloads
0.4.1-17 years ago37 downloads
0.4.0-17 years ago52 downloads


Copas >= 1.1.6

Dependency for

luaxpl, luaxpl, rpi-gpio, rpi-gpio