Coroutine Oriented Portable Asynchronous Services

$ luarocks install copas

Copas is a dispatcher based on coroutines that can be used by
TCP/IP servers. It uses LuaSocket as the interface with the
TCP/IP stack. A server registered with Copas should provide a
handler for requests and use Copas socket functions to send
the response. Copas loops through requests and invokes the
corresponding handlers. For a full implementation of a Copas
HTTP server you can refer to Xavante as an example.


cvs-6dev275 days ago3 downloads
cvs-4dev4 years ago84 downloads
cvs-3dev5 years ago16 downloads
cvs-2dev5 years ago2 downloads
2.0.2-13 years ago(revision: 2)41,785 downloads
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binaryheap >= 0.4
Coxpcall >= 1.14
lua >= 5.1, < 5.4
LuaSocket >= 2.1
timerwheel >= 0.2

Dependency for

ConcurrentLua, ConcurrentLua, Copas-Async, copas-ev, CopasTimer, CopasTimer, cosy-client, harpseal, ltl, lua-minittp, lua-websockets, luaxpl, luaxpl, melipayamak, tango-complete, tango-complete, tango-copas, tango-copas, telegram, tethys, Xavante, Xavante