extend luajit ffi module to give more affinity to C codes

$ luarocks install ffiex

- extend cdef to parse macro and headers includes
- search and add header file path as usual C compiler
- ffi.csrc to add small C source to lua code
- macro can share between codes in cdef/csrc and lua (except functional macro :P)


0.2.0-84 years ago227 downloads
0.2.0-65 years ago155 downloads
0.2.0-55 years ago57 downloads
0.2.0-45 years ago37 downloads
0.2.0-35 years ago24 downloads
0.2.0-25 years ago30 downloads
0.2.0-15 years ago31 downloads
0.1.0-15 years ago56 downloads


lua >= 5.1