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  • ffiex by umegaya — downloads: 527
    extend luajit ffi module to give more affinity to C codes
  • lua-vips by jcupitt — downloads: 1,177
    A fast image processing library with low memory needs.
  • llvm by afonso360 — downloads: 54
    LLVM-C API Bindings for lua
  • ljlinenoise by fperrad — downloads: 1,172
    Line editing in pure LuaJIT
  • gomaxmagick by uuser — downloads: 100k
    Lua bindings to ImageMagick for LuaJIT using FFI
  • magick by leafo — downloads: 7,163
    Lua bindings to ImageMagick for LuaJIT using FFI
  • lj2procfs by williamaadams — downloads: 76
    LuaJIT access to the Linux procfs
  • ljsyscall by justincormack — downloads: 2,408
    LuaJIT Linux syscall FFI
  • turbo by kernelsauce — downloads: 9,106
    A networking suite for LuaJIT2 and Linux, optimized for performance.
  • Vida by nwhitehe — downloads: 365
    Mix C code into your LuaJIT code seamlessly.