Aspect is a compiling templating engine for Lua and OpenResty with syntax Twig/Django/Jinja.

$ luarocks install --server= aspect

* Popular Django syntax compatible with Twig2 and Jinja2
* Bytecode and lua code caching of compiled templates are available.
* Safe launch of templates in the sandbox.
* Automatic casting of data types when used.
* Designed for highload and big input and output data.
* Detailed error messages make it easy to debug templates.
* Easily extensible: add your own tags, filters, functions, handlers, operators.
* Intuitive behavior. For example, unlike lua, zero, an empty string, csjon.null, and so on, will be false in if-conditions. All of this is extensible.
* Custom behavior with userdata.
* Supports work with OpenResty.


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